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To those who wait with bated breath daily for my scribblings – I apologize. For ten days I’ve been happily inundated with company. Old picture viewing, silly ranting, new picture taking, broad city sightseeing, and of course, more eating in restaurants … Continue reading

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Tears of Joy

I had another blog 90% written yesterday that I’d planned on finishing this morning to post. It was about the company I’ve had for the last 10 days or so. My best friend, Fran, and my younger sister, Carolyn, who lives … Continue reading

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Miracle on Main Street

On July 1st the day before I started my chemotherapy, Eileen, my eldest sister, gave me a small present. It was a charming bracelet fabricated from hand-hammered steel – a band connected by strands of multi-colored bright beads with words … Continue reading

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I’m Outing Myself…

From the time I could talk I talked. (well, I assume so – no one is around to tell me anymore…cousins? Do you know???) I presume I’ve never stopped. Talking is one of my favorite pastimes…and I can and do … Continue reading

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My Favorite Books/Reads/Authors #2

Mea Culpa… How could I forget Charles Bukowski??? Despite my feminist and atheist leanings how could I forget this man in my favorite writings department. Some of his poetry is truly so tender and gentle; his short prose so pragmatic … Continue reading

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A Shakespearean Question

No doubt, one of Shakespeare’s most celebrated soliloquies begins with his infamous question — to be or not to be. In his madness and incessant grief, Hamlet asks whether or not he should remain alive and endure this constant toil … Continue reading

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Cycle Three – The Reality

A sad story underlies my continuation of sharing my great fortune to have such amazing folks around me — all of you that read this blog are included in that group – this writing sustains me and allows me to … Continue reading

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