Who is Vendela? And why is she venting?

Firstly, I am not the tall, svelte Swedish actress/model who hawks iced tea, but rather a petite and sadly, perenially shrinking woman living on Los Angeles’s westwide. I am a woman who has enjoyed many incarnatioms: foremost a writer and editor, I am a practiced astrologer, schmata salesperson, media maven, jewelry aficionado, cross country traipser, foodie and never-ending student of life. And there is so much more…

The last year I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. The time was spent productively consciously and unconsciously ruminating on the many aspects of my life that have both worked and have not — and how I could make them better. This is where the venting comes in. A woman of many words, I have always felt that my path and my job was to use my skill with words to make life better, but not just for me.

Hence I will vent — on real health care in the trenches, and the idiots on parade in that field; on the lousy drivers that seem to congregate in LA (god, there are SOOOO many of you!); on my love of language and the books I love; on bad business management and great ideas; on family, food and the freaks and other oddities I continue to encounter through life. And whatever else strikes my fancy.

Enjoy the ride — I know I will.

2 Responses to About

  1. Susan Larson says:

    Hello, and good to hear from you. Vent away! I’ll parry with my own Writer Wrants now and thenmy Richfield Writers’ Group ‘homework’! PS tell the WordPress people they need to edit their About page; punctuation, after all, is importantfor everyone! (PSs let me know if my HTML is up-to-date)

    • I knew you’d like this. Check out the post I place today — it’s a good one. As for the About page. that’s my fault because I was in such a hurry to get started/publish I did not change the page. My plan is to use the first post for that page — I just did not want to launch into an annoyed rant before i told people what I was up to and kinda who I am. I am 2 inches shorter than I used to be: as the saying goes “oh, CRAP!”

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